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Quartz window

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Quartz window is manufactured by quartz crystal with its silicon dioxide over 99.99%, it is characterized as excellent anti high temperature, low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance and electric insulation performance. The transmission rate of quartz window is more than 85%, and the hardness reaches Mohs 7.

Quartz can be classified into 2 types, fused silica and synthetic quartz. Both of them have properties of excellent anti high temperature performance, high transmission, electric insulation and stable chemical performance. 

Due to its good performance, quartz became an indispensable material widely  applied for modern cutting-edge technology, such as atomic energy industry, automatic system, semi-conductor industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, telecommunication, laser, optical instrument, laboratory instrument, medical device and national defense industry.

We provide quartz window with excellent optical performance without any bubbles and dots, and those windows can be customized in different shapes like round, square and irregular .Quartz window dimension ranging from 2.0mm-400mm, and window with holes is also available for us.


Quartz window shape and dimension

Shape Round Dimension
Outer diameter:2-400mm
Square /rectangular Dimension
Width: 2-400mm
Triangle Customized
Trapezoid Customized


Technical parameters

Material Synthetic quartz/ fused silica
Dimension tolerance +/-0.03mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.005mm
Flatness λ/8,@632.8 nm
Parallelism <1'
Surface quality 5/10; 10/20;20/40;60/40
Clear aperture >90%
Coating AF/AR/IR


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