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Color glass filter

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Due to its selective absorption in visible wavelength range, color glass filter will exhibit various color depending on the glass type. Color glass filter provides an economical filter for various applications. Optical glass filters are widely used in safety glasses for laser, industrial measurement, regulation technology and environment protection.

We provide color glass filter with excellent optical performance, and those filter can be customized in different shapes, like round ,square , rectangular and dimensions range from 2mm- 400mm.


Color glass filter shape and dimension

Shape Round Dimension
Outer diameter:2mm
Square /rectangular Dimension


GG Series: Yellow glass

GG400, GG420, GG455, GG475, GG495


OG Series: Orange glass

OG530, OG550, OG570, OG590


RG Series: Red and black glass, IR transmitting

RG610, RG630, RG645, RG665, RG695, RG715, RG780, RG830, RG850


UG Series: Black blue glasses, ultraviolet transmitting

UG1, UG5, UG11

KG Series: Colorless glass with high transmission in the visible and absorption in the IR range (heat protection filters)

KG2, KG3


NG Series: Neutral glass with uniform attenuation in the visible range

NG1, NG3, NG4, NG5, NG9, NG11


Other frequently used color filter

WG Series WG280, WG295,WG320, WG345, WG360
BG Series BG38, BG39
VG Series VG5, VG6, VG8, VG9, VG10, VG11


Technical Parameters

Material Color glass
Dimension tolerance +/-0.03mm
Thickness tolerance ±0.005mm
Flatness λ/8,@632.8 nm
Parallelism <1'
Surface quality 20/40;60/40
Clear aperture >90%


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