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Founded in 1998, Changzhou Haolilai Photo-Electricity Scientific and Technical Co. Ltd is located in Dynamics Armament Industrial Park, Xinbei District, Changzhou, neighboring Shanghai-Nanjing expressway on the north, Changzhou Railway station on the east, Changzhou Airport on the west. The company covers an area of 35000㎡ and has passed ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 system certifications.

As a High-Tech enterprise of Jiangsu province, the company boasts a talent team with intensive experience and first-class technology, including 30 engineers and over 50 technicians. The company has established Jiangsu Precision Optical Lens Engineering Technology Center and Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Research Center and obtained 14 patents for inventions, 17 utility model patent and 5 Jiangsu High New Tech Product. It also establishes long term Industry-University-Research collaboration with CIOMP&FJIRSM and becomes a practice base for Changchun University of Science and Technology.

We are specialized for optical window series: R&D and sales of sapphire window, glass window and quartz window which are widely used in night-vision infrared and far infrared sighting telescope, night-vision camera and other devices, instruments and gauges in satellite and space technology, window for superpower laser, all kinds of protective window, etc.

Wafer Series: R&D and manufacturing sapphire wafer, glass wafer ,quartz wafer, etc. Wafer is widely applied for LED packing and MEMS, such as sensor, accelerator. It is also used for WL-CSP, such as image sensor CSP as well as biological engineering, microfluidics, DNA analysis, etc.

Filter series: R&D and manufacturing of blue glass and color glass filter. It is used in digital imaging, such as mobile phone cameras, computer built-in cameras, car cameras, laser protection, industrial measurement and environmental measurement instruments.

“ To meet the Customer Needs” is our goal , “Quality First, World-Oriented, Transcendental ,Harmonious and Grateful” is our business philosophy, “ Innovation, Teamwork, Responsibility, Dedication ,people Oriented” is our core concept.

The company is gradually stepping into standard, normalized and digital management and operation process. We constantly strive for excellence and better service.

Great mission creates great career, great time breeds great enterprise. HLL will continue to link its development with the development of the photoelectric industry closely, so as to build a R&D and Production Base of the photoelectric industry. We are based on the reality and look to the future. The company will attach much importance to build its core competitiveness and market brands.