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Changzhou Haolilai Photo-Electricity Scientific and Technical Co.,Ltd

Changzhou Haolilai Photo-Electricity Scientific and Technical Co.,Ltd ,based in Changzhou ,China, is a pioneer for optical window &semiconductor wafer manufacturing. Established in 1998, over the past 20 years, we served our hundreds of customers around the world with our experienced people and quality management control. The company is specialized for Optical window Series: R&D and sales of sapphire window, glass window and quartz window. Wafer Series: R&D and manufacturing sapphire wafer, glass wafer ,quartz wafer, silicon wafer. Optical filter series: R&D and manufacturing blue glass, color glass filter etc.

With more than 20 years effort, we have become one of the most influential optical window &semiconductor wafer producers in China.

Through years, we build our reputation by honest operation, company strength and reliable quality . Customer relationship is very important to us, we regard it as an key factor for our success.

Contact us free, let’s turn your ideas into solutions.

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